Dev #3

Olympic Orchids

Dev #3


This dark, resinous scent is for those who love spice. Inspired by the devilish protagonist of Quantum Demonology, Dev #3 opens with a potent cinnamon that weaves through earthy woods and rich incense. Anything but delicate, this is a perfect unisex fragrance if you're in the mood for something shadowy and a little dangerous.

Notes: New Caledonian sandalwood absolute, dark labdanum, clear labdanum, red spikenard, ancient fossilized amber, ambergris tincture, black truffle tincture (the fungus, not the chocolate), cistus oil, cassie absolute, frankincense, davana, African bluegrass, myrrh tincture, motia (jasmine sambac) attar, cinnamon leaf.

Comes in a 15ml screw top splash bottle in alcohol base.