Our brand

Potion is the only store dedicated to helping you discover 100% natural perfumes. Our perfumes are made using real ingredients by expert perfumers with love and dedication.

Our values

1. Transparency. We've done the research for you to find not just the brands that say they're natural but ones that truly use only real ingredients in an industry where it can be hard to tell the difference. That means no hidden ingredients, no phthalates, and no synthetics of any kind. We curate our selection carefully by talking to each perfumer and learning about their process, ingredients, and values so you can be informed about what you wear.

2. Quality. We don't just want you to have safe products—we want you to enjoy the luxury of well-crafted perfumes. We carefully hand-select the best fragrances we can find for their quality and craftsmanship so you no longer have to choose between a beautiful fragrance and a safe one.

3. Celebration. Our perfumes are, above all, a celebration of the natural world. We love and honor the power of a scent to transport the imagination, and we believe in the ritual of applying perfume as a way to stop and enjoy the endless gifts of nature. We believe that to celebrate natural perfumery is to celebrate the abundance of life itself.

Our story

Potion was founded by Dulma Altan after she left her career in Silicon Valley to start a business that would provide safe and natural perfumes for people like her mom who had an autoimmune condition that made her sensitive to her favorite perfumes. Dulma is a former yoga teacher, a self-professed bookworm, and a lover of flowers.

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