Citrine Citrine



"Harnessing the power of the sun, this juicy citrus blend uplifts, illuminates and energizes. A bright, faceted trio of Clementine, Lemon and Mandarin sparkle upon honeyed-floral notes of Rose Maroc and white Champaca. Resinous Frankincense and woody Copaiba add depth and staying power to this full-bodied melange. Sunshine in a bottle!" —Thorn & Bloom website

The perfume review blog Ça Fleure Bon claims that like the citrine stone, "this perfume sparkles, glimmers, and refracts light as sumptuously as a perfectly cut beautiful faceted citrine stone surrounded by diamonds." And we agree. This shimmering blend is a happy citrus affair with ripe fruits and a sensual woody base, perfect for anyone looking for a light honeyed citrus that isn't too sweet.

Notes: Clementine, lemon, mandarin, honey, neroli, champaca, rose, frankincense, sandalwood, copaiba balsam

Comes in a 7.5 mL spray bottle in alcohol base.