100% natural fragrances

Potion is the first and only store for 100% natural fragrances. No synthetics or hidden chemicals—only beautiful scents made of real ingredients. We hand-select our fragrances from the finest artisan perfumeries around the world so you can smell good and feel good.

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Why naturals?

Our products are free of the synthetics found in most scents, many of which are known toxins. Plus, we go the extra mile to source 100% natural fragrances (because "natural" doesn't always mean clean). 

Rich & complex

When it comes to ingredients, nothing smells as good as the real stuff. Natural ingredients are nuanced, rich, and alive because they're more complex on a molecular level. Nature truly knows best.

No harsh chemicals

The ingredients that aren't always great for us are the often the same chemicals that make many fragrances smell harsh or overpowering. Naturals wear closer to the skin so you can wear them anywhere.